Skim Card Blocker

  • It has a mounted chip that emits 13.56 megahertz (a "blocker" that makes it impossible to scan the card)
  • The product is placed in the wallet and protects up to ten cards at the same time
  • Skim Card Blocker is designed in Sweden and is CE approved


Stop the card fraud!

Last year, the police department in Sweden received 105,000 cases in card fraud. An increase of 28 percent compared to the previous year. But there is a simple and cheap cure - Skim Card Blocker.

Nowadays, card fraudsters are very smart. Some have a computer or other electronic equipment that can remotely scan your credit card. But actually, an Android phone and an app are enough to copy the necessary card information.


According to a survey conducted by American Express, 43 percent of online retailers do not require you to provide your CVV or CVC code. In other words, it is free for card fraudsters to use your account information to shop online and empty your account for money.


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